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Over time, tests have turned out to be an increasingly used evaluation tool in every sector.

Enigma3 is a professional platform for the creation and management of educational tests with immediate feedback, totally free, it is was created by teachers for teachers and is extremely effective and intuitive to use.

The ease of use, however, hides a very complex design and construction, the result of years of work, during which we have offered constant improvements and continuous updates, also based on suggestions of users, to whom we also provide professional assistance.

All this entails ever-increasing costs to deal with the management of hardware, software and the necessary collaboration of external IT professionals.

In this virtual world submerged by increasingly pervasive advertising banners, we have chosen to give up any form of marketing to offer a clean product with no usage costs.

For all these reasons we ask you to support the Enigma3 platform through a voluntary donation, this will also allow us to improve and add new functions.

Even a small contribution is important.

Thank you with all my heart

The Matematika Project Team
Prof. Giampiero Gallina

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